The best subscription boxes the Internet has to offer

A case where the original still reigns supreme is in the geeky collectibles and gear subscription box.
Loot Crate is the best of the best, and has built an entire community around unboxing their loot.

The original Loot Crate set out to be “comic-con in a box,” containing at least four pop-culture related items valued at over $45 total. There’s guaranteed to be a t-shirt in every box, and they often collaborate with brands to deliver exclusive products. Each monthly box is centered around a theme – past themes have included “future,” “anti-hero,” and “origins.” There’s also a
Loot Crate DX subscription for the truly dedicated nerds out there, with premium items worth at least $100. We here at Mashable have a fun time every month trying to
guess what the new theme will bring.

Loot Crate has also branched out into all kinds of other nerdy areas. There’s an
anime box, a
Sanrio box (delivered every 3 months — Hello Kitty has a busy life,) and even an adorable box for
pets. Gamers can subscribe to a specific
gaming box, or even pick a bi-monthly box with exclusively
Halo– or
Fallout-related loot. The
Loot Wear offshoot has apparel subscriptions for socks, underwear, t-shirts, wearables, and “For Her.” I haven’t even gotten to the
film and TV crates yet, but you get it. There’s a lot of stuff here. All nerds will be able to find something they’ll love unboxing every month.    

With all this the variety, the fan community, and exclusive items, there’s just no competitor even coming close to beating
Loot Crate in the geeky collectible box game.

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